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    Our motto: For sport fishermen, some places were never meant to be visited and some species never meant to be caught — and that includes the Antarctic and toothfish.

    If you’ve come to this website to book a trip with Toothfish Adventures, all you really need to know can be summed up in two words:   April Fools!
    Yes, it’s that issue. We hope you didn’t get too stoked to make this trip because you can’t.
    And if you could make such a trip, it would likely be your last.
Rounding Cape Horn and then attempting to cross Drake Passage — certainly one of the most perilous ocean crossings in the world — in an old, 40-foot boat: that, per author Red Nalo’s comment, would truly be certifiably insane.

Even if it were feasible, catching a toothfish on sporting gear is pretty unlikely since in fact they’re caught far deeper than merely 600 feet. Moreover, a combination of greed, unregulated or unenforceable fisheries laws, and modern fishing technology have all but wiped out stocks of long-lived and slow-growing Patagonian toothfish in record time. Once marketers renamed it with the more appetizing moniker of Chilean seabass and consumers noted the rich, white flesh, demand created an intensive fishery. Its close relative, the Antarctic toothfish appears to be the next target of the longliners in southern oceans. Before you buy a filet, you may want to check out the Seafood Watch at www.montereybayaquarium.org; that cautions consumers to avoid buying Chilean seabass because populations are reportedly in danger of collapse.


As for the rest of Red Nalo’s harrowing narrative of an implicit first-ever attack on a boat by a colossal squid, promised here, we, uh... seem to have lost that!